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Why Buttermilk Soap?

Oh Chamomile Honey Bee Buttermilk Soap was the first soap I made. I made this soap because of a very random breakout I experienced with psoriasis. My skin started with a few red patches and became itchy, inflamed, and red as a fire truck. I did not know what to do but I knew I did not want to take medication.

My research led me to make this wonderful buttermilk soap recipe.

Benefits of Buttermilk for skin:

  • It is full of lactic acid which removes dead skin and fades dark spots
  • Aids in cleans the skin
  • Is a natural moisturizer and nourishment for skin
  • Aids in aging skin

Buttermilk Soap 5% Super Fat


  • 7.3oz Coconut oil
  • 7.3oz Palm
  • 4.2oz Olive oil
  • 4.2 Avocado oil
  • 4.2 sweet almond oil
  • .5 Raw shea butter
  • .5 Castor oil
  • 1oz Buttermilk
  • 9.1oz Distilled Water
  • 4oz Lye (sodium hydroxide)
  • .1 Raw Honey
  • .1oz Bee pollen


  1. Prepare wooden mold with freezer paper or use silicone mold
  2. Weigh water and lye separately
  3. Weigh lye and add it to the weighed water in the plastic bucket, mix well to dissolve, do not breath fumes and cover
  4. Weigh coconut oil, palm oil and raw shea butter
  5. Microwave until melted (approximately 2 to 3 minutes) 
  6. Weigh carrier oils and set aside
  7. Weigh buttermilk and set aside
  8. When the fats (coconut and palm oil) are melted, mix the lye water one last time to make sure the lye has dissolved
  9. Add lye water to the mixed oils stir and add the buttermilk
  10. Blend with immersion blender till the soap batter reaches trace
  11. Pour traced soap batter into mold, cover with towel
  12. Leave overnight, remove soap from the mold and cut into bars
  13. Place the soap bars on a tray to cure in an undisturbed place
  14. Let cure for 4-6 weeks