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How to Winterize Your Dry Feet?

Three Steps to Winterizing Your Feet

We all know we are supposed to “winterize” our cars and houses, but what about our feet? It sounds a little cliché but it makes sense. Feet gets dry in the winter developing thick, dry skin and even cracks. What worked in the summer may not work in the winter when feet are exposed to the super-drying effects of cold weather elements.

1. Bump up the moisture level:

If you usually moisturize once a day (just after your shower), add one more time to your daily routine – morning or evening works well. Try Our Hydrating & Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion.

2. Exfoliate more:

Don’t drop the ball: Many of us let our feet go with less frequent scrubbing in winter because nobody sees them, but calluses and dry skin continue to build up. Spend a couple of minutes exfoliating with our Eucalyptus and Spearmint Sugar Scrub Cubes and your feet will stay soft year-round.

3. Protect:

Seal in moisture: Use our rich Whipped Body Butter on your feet once daily for a few days, or every day if you have very dry feet. Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil help create a protective barrier that seals wanted moisture in and unwanted moisture like sweat out. Sleep in socks after moisturizing does a great job of locking in moisture.

Please share your suggestions.