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Why Organic Body Lotions Are Better

Individuals all the time ask me for what reason natural healthy skin items are preferred for your skin over what I call "over the counter, mass fabricated, petrochemical and engineered items" are. As of late I read an article in an exceptionally surely understand news media commentary, which generally, made the claim that as long as a man changed their eating routine to all the more new products of the soil, and wiped out the prepared and quick sustenances, the nourishment did not really need to be natural to have the same nutritious wellbeing impacts upon one's body. I can't oblige this conclusion in light of the fact that as the familiar maxim says "for getting healthy, the kind of...

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Turning the corner!

We are turning a corner in our business. I am not vegan because I eat meat. I am very particular about the meat I eat. However, I believe that whatever you put in your body should be just as important as what you put on your body. So I have made a personal decision to make our entire products vegan friendly.    I have one soap that we sell with buttermilk for sensitive skin and babies. We will not discontinue this soap because our customers absolutely love it. All of our other soaps, lotions, lip balms and butter, cuticle balm, body butter will be made vegan friendly.    Any products made with wax will be made with carnauba or candelilla...

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