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5 Soap Gift Set with Custom Wooden Mini Crate
5 Soap Gift Set with Custom Wooden Mini Crate
5 Soap Gift Set with Custom Wooden Mini Crate

5 Soap Gift Set with Custom Wooden Mini Crate

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Please add desired scents to the notes. 


***This is a wholesale listing. There is no additional discount on this listing. ***This listing does not include any skin conditioning ($10) soaps ***


This listing is for one made-to-order or in-stock 5-pound (79oz) cold-process soap loaf. Choose from cut or custom order which means you are selecting a custom scent that we do not stock. The custom scent loaf is $55.


All soaps are WITHOUT LABELS.


PLEASE NOTE, when selection custom scents, which is made to order, the cold process soap method takes 4 to 6 weeks to cure. We can ship the have to you in two (2) weeks.


We cannot prepare the soap loaf in advance because once it is cured for 4 to 6 weeks, it would be very difficult to cut. This is why we do offer single bars for the same price.


Each option provides for a quality, long-lasting, super creamy, and lathery soap bar.


With our pre-cut bars, they are approximate 4.5-5oz soap bars. From our 5 pounds soap loaf, you will receive 14 bars.


28 half-size bars that weight 2oz-2.5 each.


With our uncut soap loaf, you can decide the size you need.


We will happily cut this to your specifications. Please let us know.


If you order cut soap loaf, you can mix and match to your preference.


REMEMBER: This is a handmade product therefore, size and design may vary per small batch.


This is perfect for those who would like to private label their soaps for resale.


Ordering more than one loaf? Please start a conversation with us for shipping cost.


Guess soaps for weddings.


Options available from fragrance & essential oils soaps.



Summer 2023 Collection:


•Cucumber Melon 🥒 🍈

•Hey Love

•Raspberry Vanilla



Fragrance Oil Collection:


•Oatmeal Sweet Almond

•Vanilla Bean

•Coconut Lime Verbena

•Persephone Kiss

•Brown Sugar Fig

•Morning Coffee

•Pomegranate with Poppy Seeds

•White Tea + Ginger

•Cocoa Butter Cashmere

•Dancing with Fairies 🧚



Essential Oil Collection:



•Lavender & Patchouli

•Eucalyptus & Spearmint

•Marjoram & Bergamot

•A Citrus Affair includes a blend of lemon, lime, tangerine, orange, clary sage and fir needle

•Dark Patchouli

•Anise + Vanilla

•Unscented Soap w/a hint of Neroli + Chamomile topped with a bed of flowers

•Patchouli + Rose

•Peppermint + Grapefruit



Men’s Soap Collection:


Made to measure


Oak Moss + Amber


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4.5 - 5oz soap bar

Size varies because this is a hand-cut soap bar